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Restoration Of Painted Brick & Stonework With Our Cleanpoint System

The restoration of a traditional, period or listed property can be challenging and involve many forms, the cleaning to the external and the removal of the paint applied to the exterior brick or stonework being one of the most challenging Sand blasting should always be avoided, as this removes the architectural detail and face from the stone/brickwork, leaving a porous face which will allow water ingress into the building structure, which presents a high risk of penetrating dampness and mold affecting the internal of the property. Removing layer upon layer of old paintwork to reveal the natural beauty of the brickwork can be dramatic and will completely change the look and dimension of your property.

The removal of the paint by our Clean point system can add value to the property and also helps in preserving the brickwork, removing impermeable paint allows the brickwork to breathe naturally, so reducing future maintenance costs from blown brick work and damp
areas forming on the interior of the property, Even minor defects in the paintwork will allow moisture to eventually find its way in behind the paint and slowly erode the
/stone brick face.

(Photograph showing water trapped under impermeable paint
applied to the external of a house in Manchester resulting in internal dampness.)

On listed building, conservation restrictions will also prohibit the use of sand blasting in many cases, due to the extensive damage this process causes to the structure and historical detail.
There are many chemical products which can be applied to remove paint from the masonry, but these arenormally a painstaking process and depending on the location and scope of the works can take days/ weeks
to complete, and in some cases it is just not practical and there are a vast number of health and safety
implications to be taken into consideration for both the works force and the general public.
Our Cleanpoint paint removal system, can peel back the years by removing numerous layers of paint applied to the exterior brick/stonework, without causing any damage to the underlying structure and reveal the natural beauty of your property, the photograph showing over sixty years of paint having been removed from a stone cill, with no damage to the stone structure or face.




The external of your property has been subjected to years of atmospheric pollution and weathering, which hides the natural beauty of the structure and ornate detail under the dirt that has built up over the years, after cleaning the decorative features will be shown in their full glory.
We can also clean back the years of dirt and grim build up which forms on the surface of brick and stonework, without causing damage to the architecture finish or the face of the brick or stone.
Once your property has been brought back to its original prestigious condition, then we can provide you with the information required to protect the external sur face of the stone/brickwork with a Stormdry system, which will allow the structure to dry naturally, reducing the
risk of dampness affecting the internal of the property and reducing the energy bills, by improving the which in
Contact us today to arrange a survey of your property to see how we can reveal the natural beauty of your property, whilst reducing the risk of dampness and fungal decay as well as saving you money on your heating and vat.
See the results of what careful cleaning and restoration can do to earn you money


The owner of this property was struggling to sell theIMG_1192
property, due to the condition of the external elevations
which had been covered with a number of different paint
layers over the years, our client telling us.
Potential purchases made appointments to view, but didn’t turn up,
when the estate agent contacted them, they informed them
they were put off by the appearance of the outside.
The photographs on the right showing the sample test
undertaken (a small charge is made for this service).
The photographs above show the before and after views of the property, when work was completed on this contract, the customer came out in profit, by having the paint removed from the property, the value of the property was increased to well above the cost of the work, and the client sold the property within eight weeks of it being put back on the market. We can also undertake commercial contracts, the property below is the rear entrance and customer carpark to a commercial property, used as offices in Manchester, we were informed by the owner, the aesthetics of the property were putting potential tenants off. A full renovation and face lift was planned for the property to make it commercially viable, as part of the these works, we were contracted to undertake the work of removing the years of paint and dirt, before pointing works and new windows were to be installed by the main contractor.
Below Bitumen paint was applied, by contractors who incorrectly assumed moisture was entering through the brickwork, in most cases, as in this one, the properties have been standing for 100 years without water penetration, so why should it suddenly start allowing water in now, the application of the bitumen paint didn’t stop the dampness issues, infact it likely made them worse, the wall is also a cavity wall construction,
as we explained to our client the water cannot pass through the brickwork and jump across a 75mm cavity, which is filled with air. When a full inspection was undertaken by Olympic Construction, we established the dampness issues within the property were due to condensation, new double glazed windows had been installed with no ventilation and the internal surface of the gable wall was exposed and fell below dew point, resulting in condensation and mould forming on the internal s
urface. We addressed the environmental problems within the property, by installing a Nuaire drymaster to improve the ventilation and insulated passive ventilation, to reduce heat loss and the condensation and mould disappeared.
The client wanted the bitumen paint removing, as it was spoiling the aesthetics of the traditional brickwork
and lime mortar wall and reducing the breathability of the structure, we undertook a sample cleaning test and where contracted to undertake the cleaning and repointing works to the wall with a nice new lime mortar.
(Photographs showing the trial sample of bitumen paint removed (left) and wall area fully cleaned and restored, with new lime pointing.)
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