Cavity Wall Insulation can create a serious Damp Problem

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Olympic Construction are full members of the PCA (Property Care Association) and our surveyor holds the industry recognised CSRT qualification (Certificated Surveyor In Remedial Treatment). So when undertaking any survey on your property you can be assured we will undertake a professional trustworthy survey and investigation, delivering peace of mind and correct diagnosis of any dampness related problems within the property.



j2Due to funding from the government, there has been a substantial rise in the number of properties which have cavity wall insulation installed. When taking into account the points within the’ CIGA (Cavity Insulation Agency) Property assessor’s guide’ it soon becomes apparent a large number of the properties where cavity wall insulation has been installed, were not correctly inspected or not suitable for cavity wall insulation to have been installed.

Unfortunately, homeowners are unlikely to be unaware the cavity wall insulation has not been installed correctly until a problem has developed, because until then there are no obvious signs of the defects, or incorrect installation. They will not know if it is over-packed, under filled, has slumped, were areas have been missed and sub-floor ventilation having been blocked or obstructed.

As part of our pre-purchase damp and timber survey service, undertaken by Olympic Construction our surveyors are qualified to recognise were cavity wall insulation has been installed, but more importantly where this has been incorrectly installed and were it is causing or likely to result in a potential problem within the property, in relation to dampness, timber decay and structural issues. Cavity wall insulation installed incorrectly can lead to expensive problems, resulting in damp penetration and fungal decay.
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Cavity Wall Insulation

damp causes

What is the purpose of a cavity wall?

The purpose of the cavity wall is to help prevent rain water from penetrating through the outer wall to the inside of the property.

Cavity masonry walls were introduced on the exposed western coasts in the early nineteenth century, to stop penetrating dampness to the inside surfaces due to wind-driven rain. Due to the success at preventing penetrating dampness the construction of cavity walls spread to other, dryer, parts of the country, with the added benefit of the natural insulation created by air layer trapped within the cavity. Continue reading

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Condensation used to be associated with poor housing and lifestyle

damp causes

condensation on window

For the cure for condensation within your home call Olympic Construction Certified Damp Surveyors today

Condensation used to be associated with poor housing and lifestyle, but not any longer it is now becoming a growing problem within new properties and homes which have been refurbished with energy saving materials such as double glazing, cavity wall insulation and external cladding. Continue reading

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Cavity wall insulation causing damp?

damp causes

Cavity wall insulation a way of saving money or in some cases a free path to causing damp within your property.

Cavity walls were introduced around the early 1900’s ,originally to properties constructed in coastal areas and properties in exposed conditions to reduce the risk of rain penetration from driving rain, prior to this properties were constructed of thick stone wall structures or two separate leafs of masonry infilled with rubble. Continue reading

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