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The most important area in solving the issues for a client is to first listen to what the client has to say, so you can fully understand their problem and concerns and be able to provide the correct advice.

One statement, I am hearing more frequently is It`s hard to find someone you can trust’ this is a fair point as unless you have an issue with dampness, fungal decay or wall ties would you really be interested in the subject?

Taking this on board, I have put together a short list of where you can get information and what you should be asking any company/ contractor before entrusting them with working on your property.


Are they a member of a trade association?

Credibility is important, not only in ensuring the reason for you problem is correctly identified and corrected, but also the company has a system and resources in place should there be a problem with the works undertaken, let’s face it there is always a risk of failure, anyone who says different is a fool.

Competent qualified companies with whatever trade, gas. electric or damp proofing will normally be a member of a trade association, as this allows the company to keep up to date with the training and legal aspects of their work to protect both the client and employees.


The recognised Trade association for the remedial industry is the Property Care Association PCA, being recognised and associated with many of the other associations such as RICS , they are able to provide the required training and auditing for members as well as provide an important link and support for the client should there be a problem or they require independent information.

Government bodies

What is TrustMark TrustMark is a quality mark which operates a framework under which 26 scheme operators work in the RMI (repair, maintenance and improvement) sector, including trade associations, local government trading standards teams, and independent scheme operators. These schemes are approved to carry the TrustMark logo and recruit reputable and trustworthy tradesmen. This enables the TrustMark scheme operators to promote improved RMI sector standards, and tackle related issues such as better enforcement. All of these scheme operators are audited annually by TrustMark, to ensure processes, standards and complaint procedures are being maintained.


What training and qualifications do the surveyor and employees have  

As with any reputable trade you would expect them to be qualified at all levels, you wouldn’t really want an unqualified gas fitter, servicing your boiler so why would you want any other unqualified contractor working on your property.

All our surveyors are qualified holding the minimum of CSRT (Certified surveyor of remedial treatments) which is a requirement of the PCA.

All our technicians are qualified to a minimum of NVQ level 2 in Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing.


Health and safety

This is an area where the cowboys will cut corners due to the cost implications and a reputable company doesn’t

All technicians are trained in asbestos awareness which is a legal requirement for any tradesman by the HSE, is yours and can the company prove it, we can.

All our technicians are qualified PASMA a requirement for Work at Height Regulations, the PASMA certificate and ID card are the only acceptable proof of competence. This being for both the safety of our employees and the client, would you want unqualified contractors erecting or working from scaffolding on your house, it only has to collapse on you once.

All electrical equipment used by Olympic Construction is continually monitored for defects, and is PAT TESTED this is again a requirement of the PCA. CHAS and HSE to ensure the safety of our employees and you the client, the last thing you want is your house burning down, due to a contractor’s defective transformer.

Olympic Construction are members of both CHAS and Construction linewhich audit our health and safety as well as our approach to equality, the environmental impact our works have on the planet and much more, membership being a requirement for all commercial clients, we apply the same concepts to our domestic clients, as we consider your safety just as important, and if there was an accident the HSE are likely to get involved even with the one man band.




This is probably the most important to Olympic Construction, as it is our reputation speaking through our past customers, over 75% of enquires come through this route and it is the one, we are most proud of, see what our customers say TestimonialsTrusta trader  


Many contractors and damp proofing companies will tell you their work is guaranteed but is it ?

Firstly you need to understand the difference between a guarantee which is worth the paper it’s written on and one that isn’t, the information below will hopefully make this clearer.      


‘Insurance Backed Guarantee’

These are general issued by unregistered/ unqualified contractors and manufacturers, usually backed by one calamity insurance or other such bond, limiting cover at best to the supply of ‘replacement materials/ product insurance’ if these are found to be faulty leaving the customer with no direct contract or route to the insurer in the event of a claim and indeed, historically allowing whoever has and still do run such schemes to rake off the profits as much as they see fit, with no controls over money held in the bank to cover the insurance in the event of a claim, or the system simply being dissolved with little or no restrictions, leaving the customer with no cover.

‘Insured Guarantees’

This type of guarantee is only available through registered companies such as members of the Property Care Association PCA through the GPI you are arranging cover which is backed through the ‘The Financial Conduct Authority’ FCA   ‘Insured Guarantees’, is the wording which manufacturers and calamity insurance schemes are not allowed to use as the insurance they provide cannot meet the required standard, Olympic Construction are a full qualified and registered PCA members and are able to offer our customers ‘Insured Guarantees’ so which type of insurance cover would you prefer?


We hope the information provide is helpful, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us but most importantly CHECK OUT YOU CONTRACTOR AND ASK HIM TO PROVE WHAT HE IS TELLING YOU, ITS YOUR PROPERTY WHY TAKE SECOND BEST.