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Heritage and Period Properties

There is a misconception that a damp proofing specialist / company will simply look to install a chemical damp proofing system and cover the walls with a cement render, by many within the misinformed ‘Traditional restoration groups’.

In reality the truth is, this is incorrect many members of the Property Care Association are also members of SPAB, the PCA also have strong links with many other organisations such as Natural England and Scottish National Heritage.

As qualified damp surveyors and full members of the Property Care Association, Olympic Construction, are happy to undertake a detailed survey of your property to establish the true reason for any dampness, the depth of the survey, and provide you with a written report, and discuss the options for any remedial works required.

Olympic Construction already work with the local conservation officers within Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside, providing solutions for remedial works on heritage, period and listed buildings.

heritage 1
We undertake lime pointing and plastering, along with the installation of Limecrete floors, to the left is a photograph showing a new bucket of Lime plaster, which was used on the chimneybreast below, in a listed property.

This only being a small job but we also undertake works on a larger scale below is a lime plastered wall, we undertook the works as part of a structural repair contract on a church in Ramsbottom Lancashire.

The property suffered structural movement within the rear elevation, along with the structural stabilisation works using the Thorhelical system to ensure that there was no further movement within the structure. The long term water ingress had resulted in blowing of the original plaster, and some incorrect unsympathetic repairs had been undertaken, using incorrect plastering materials.


The plaster had to be removed to reveal the structural damage and the installation of the Thorhelical stabilisation system. This can be seen in the photographs below.


The photographs show the Thorhelical wires being installed which along with a designed pinning system stabilised the main and window archways.

All works where over seen and agreed with the local conservation office, we also received a further contract, from their recommendation using the same system.

heritage 8

Above the scaffolding has been taken down and the walls finished with a lime plaster, which just goes to show, that both modern and traditional systems can work in harmony and the damp proofing specialist and the Property Care Association do not cause irreparable damage to old buildings. We have a wealth of knowledge within the Property Care Association as well a backup, should we come across an issue which is out of the ordinary.

By using a member of the Property Care Association you will also have available the backing of a credible insurance backed guarantee through GPI and the backing of a Trust Mark registered company, which is backed by the government Endorsement standards scheme.

If you have any questions please call us on 0161 633 9860 and we will be happy to answer any of your question.