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The PCA has developed a professional qualification for surveyors which assesses these areas and which is achieved only after rigorous testing of a candidates knowledge, skill and practical ability. Two separate qualifications (Certificated Timber Infestation Surveyor – CTIS and Certificated Remedial Damp Surveyor – CRDS) have now been amalgamated with an assessment of law, health and safety aspects into a single qualification – the Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment – CSRT.

Olympic Construction are specialists in caring for your property as if it were their own!


Olympic Construction have fully trained and experienced surveyors who have a range of solutions at their disposal to solve your property care issues. The level of competence and performance of surveyors is very important and you should only trust a certified contractor.



Wall Ties

Cavity walls have been constructed since the beginning of the 20th century and were constructed to offer better protection from the elements as well as reduce the amount of heat lost unnecessarily from a property. The system compromises of two separate walls ‘tied’ at strategic intervals using a form of wall tie.


Damp Proofing

Rising damp usually occurs when unprotected porous materials ( e.g. bricks and stone ) come into contact with damp earth due to failure of the dpc or incorrect building work practices.
There are many symptoms associated with damp.



Flood Restoration

When dealing with flooding, it is important to understand the impact and implications of the water on the fabric of the building.

Too often repairs to flood affected buildings are undertaken by general builders with little or no understanding of the long term effect that can be expected when buildings get wet.


Condensation Services

Condensation can cause structural damage in buildings and can be unsightly.

It can affect all types of buildings, from minor irritating mould growth to extensive mould growth, which can result in health problems, fungal decay of timbers and other fabrics within the building.


Wet & Dry Rot

Both dry and wet rot can cause structural defects in buildings. Not only can it be unsightly but it is also unhealthy. It can grow at an alarming rate in the right conditions. Dry and wet rot are usually caused by dampness, running water, poor ventilation and bad maintenance or a combination of these conditions.





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