How to stop rising dampness the environmentally friendly way.


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How to stop rising dampness the environmentally friendly way

At Olympic Construction we are always looking at how to reduce the impact our works will have on the environment.

By installing and Electro Osmosis damp proofing system into your property, you will prevent dampness and its side effects, of mould, wood rot and condensation. Without using any harmful chemicals into the property or the environment.

So how does it work ?

Think back to the good old days when you were at school, sat in the science class wondering why on earth you needed to know why like poles repelled each other.

Well this is one of those moments.

Water rises up a wall due to capillarity which as a positive charge. By installing a very small positive charge into the wall with Electro Osmosis damp proofing system, the water is repelled downward and no longer rises.

Wall without protection
Normal operation. Only anodes conduct
Wall after osmotic system has been installedThe Presidential Residence, Dublin.

Urmston Chapel, Manchester

Manchester Museum

Manchester University


How effective is it?

How can you really expect a chemical damp proofing system to work in walls of 400mm thick or rubble filled when, the installer only drills 45mm into the wall? What stops the liquid or cream from simply running away and it will certainly not dissipate into the wall effectively, if it’s over 100mm thick.

The Electro Osmosis damp proofing system reduces the moisture levels within the wall structure where with all chemical based systems the damp is stopped only at the point of injection.

This may have an impact on joist ends if the dpc is put in behind skirting boards and not under joists. The Electro Osmosis damp proofing system moves moisture down this can even remove moisture around the joist end if the earth rod is  located low enough.

The Electro Osmosis system will work within any wall structure, no matter how thick or what it’s constructed of, as the positive electrical charge passes evenly throughout the walls thickness and through any open voids.

It’s the green and most effective damp proofing system to install to all walls whatever the construction, and when installed by Olympic Construction it will also be backed by a credible independent insurance backed guarantee.

How to stop rising dampness the environmentally friendly way.