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Property Remedial Articles - Olympic Construction

Managing director and head surveyor of Olympic Construction Adrian Dawson has been awarded the grade of Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) with the IOM3 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. To qualify for the award requires the candidate to achieve an approved Level 3 qualification of OND, ONC or qualification gained as part of a modern apprenticeship, in a relevant engineering, science or technology subject with 4 years training and experience.

adrian dawson
Applicants for Technician Membership and/or Engineering Technician must be able to demonstrate their technical experience and their practical skills in working with engineering materials. They must have practical knowledge and understanding of the production, fabrication and service performance of one or more groups of materials. They must also demonstrate the use of such knowledge to contribute to the manufacture, maintenance, testing and safety of components, devices and structures or the control process plant.