Product Training Day


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Training of employees is important, to show you have an interest in them and to ensure they are providing the correct high quality of service to our customers, and they are confident in the products and systems they are using, as well as covering the health and safety requirements of the company. New products and systems are always being developed by companies, one of our suppliers SafeguardEurope recently introduced a new damp/ salt membrane system onto the market, this being one of many new systems introduced to control dampness/salts within a property.
We arranged a training day for our employees with Safeguard representative and training officer Brian England,


Brian soon got on with the task, explaining what the products limitations and benefits over a cement render system, knowing the technical information is an important part to understanding any system.
The training was not only limited to technical information, Brian is hands on and soon got the lads involved with the correct site preparation, mixing and application of the system.
One of our apprentices getting to grips with applying the Drybase adhesive.









It wasn’t long before the older more experience guys wanted to get involved, as they are as enthusiastic to learn as the apprentices, to ensure they don’t get left behind.

Gareth getting some practice in under supervision on his first whole wall, he seems to have got the hang of
Drybase Flex Membrane, is a watertight low-profile membrane, for protection against moisture ingress (rising and salt dampness damp) suitable for application to both walls and floors.
Drybase Flex Membrane is produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental management systems.
As a life expectancy of minimum 50 years.
Allows the application of a number of plastering / lining systems.
Faster drying times than cement renders, as well as improving the thermal value of the wall, so reducing the risk of condensation forming and reduces heat loss.
Olympic Construction considers training of employees an investment in the future and keeping up to speed with new systems and products, as a way of providing the customer with the high quality of service they expect from us, a Property Care Association (PCA) member.