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If you have an issue regarding the care of your property, Olympic Construction’s fully qualified and skilled surveyors will be on hand to provide an array of resolutions.

Wall Ties

A cavity wall is essentially a system of two separate walls with a hollow space in-between. The two walls are tied at strategic intervals using a form of wall tie, usually made from metal coated in bitumen or zinc.

This space between the walls is known as a cavity and is often filled with insulation by various methods. This serves to protect the property from wind and rain, as well as preventing heat loss.

Structural Repairs

Often, the structural reliability of a building is called into question. Thankfully, Olympic Construction can offer cost effective remedial masonry solutions, with as little disruption to the customer as possible.

Damp Proofing

You may be familiar with the term Rising Damp (no not the sitcom!). This refers to the rise in water through porous materials such as brick or stone that have come into contact with damp earth and is often associated with poor quality building work – something you won’t get with Olympic Construction.


This is a key area of concern for Olympic Construction as condensation problems can have an impact on the health of the occupants of a property. It’s a common occurrence, particularly in student accommodation and older terraced housing.  Extensive mould growth can cause fungal decay to timbers and other structural fabrics of a building.

Flood Restoration

To lose your home to a flood can be heartbreaking. It’s an all too common occurrence to turn on the news and see a village or town devastated by flooding. Furthermore, when the builders are called in to repair the damage, they may have little experience of the long-term effects of water damage. Thankfully, Olympic Construction is a member of the Property Care Association Flood Remediation Group and we are specialists when it comes to flood restoration.

Wet and Dry Rot

A combination of factors can lead to wet and dry rot, but sometimes all it can take is dampness to the walls. Dry rot refers to wood decay caused by fungi that eats away at the strongest parts of the timber.  Wet rot is also caused by fungus, which is prominent in areas of high dampness. Both forms of rot can have serious implications to your property and can also cause health problems.


Woodworm refers to the infestation of a wooden structure, such as a timber frame in a property. Signs of woodworm infestation include holes in the wood, usually 1mm to 1.5mm in diameter. Woodworm is a fairly common problem in properties in the UK and can leave buildings with serious structural damage.

Below Ground/Basement

Does your property require some extra space? Thinking of converting that basement into a bedroom? Olympic Construction are specialists when it comes to basement conversions.  Our qualified experts can provide you with a fully ventilated, dry and usable basement room.


Olympic Construction is founded on two generations of experience and our values lie at the core of what we do. We know what our clients want – peace of mind. We can provide a guarantee for any works completed by us from one of the specialist trade insurance providers. This means that should anything go wrong, the problems will be rectified at no cost to the client.



If you require further information or want to arrange for a survey, please use the Contact form on the Contact page or contact us by telephone.


Olympic Construction has over twenty years experience in conducting property surveys and has a full range of solutions to resolve any of your property care problems.