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Stormdry Masonry Treatment

Is your building suffering from dampness and mould?

Protect your property with Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream professionally applied from Olympic Construction throughout Cheshire and Lancashire. Do you have a problem with damp walls and mould, below is a photograph of a recent contract undertaken by Olympic Construction on an exposed converted barn in Westhoughton near Bolton, Manchester.

The walls of the property are of a solid wall construction, the property was suffering with dampness to the internal elevations, associated with penetrating dampness, discolouration of the decoration, and mould.

Note the darker staining to the external right hand wall, in the top photograph following rain over night. The photograph below shows the same wall following treatment, following two days of rain.


There are many causes for penetrating dampness or water ingress, all defects should be corrected before the application of the Stormdry treatment, the obvious ones, are missing pointing, leaking over-flow pipes or gutters, cracked render and masonry.

Moisture ingress into the structure also results in other issues such as spelling of the brickwork and moss growth.

So how did we deal with the issues in an effective and economical way, the answer was to install a safe guard product Stormdry.

Depending on the age, type and construction of your property, traditional buildings methods and materials, like natural lime mortars and plasters can be of benefit, and the systems can complement each other. This is where having a survey by a qualified surveyor can be of great benefit, just contact us, if you would like further help in this area.

Penetrating dampness can also occur even when there are no external defects and the walls appear in good condition. Penetrating dampness can also be due to porous bricks, stones or pointing, or local environmental conditions, such as driving rain on an exposed wall.

This is where a specialist damp proofing surveyor can be of great benefit, with a full working knowledge of all the remedial systems available both traditional and modern and the ability to be able to combine the two, to get the best results.

As with any works, for them to be successful the preparation works are one of the most important areas, which must be got right, this is where training, plays and important part. Olympic Construction surveyors and operatives have undertaken full training to allow correct inspection of your property and application of the system to ensure complete success.

Stormdry is a cost effective solution to penetrating dampness issues, there are also other benefits when using the product, such as saving money on fuel bills and the Ministry of Justice has qualified Stormdry for 5% VAT when applied as an energy saving material for insulation applications. NOW THAT HAS TO BE A BONUS.

brickwork westhoughton

Energy saving water repellent?
A damp wall has a lower thermal value so will absorb more heat, from within the property. It’s a well-known fact that a “A wet wall is a cold wall”. Safeguard have had the system rigorously tested by Portsmouth University to ensure that the system works.

The tests proved the average heat loss through a wall can be reduced by up to 29% with just one StormDry application if applied correctly. This is a substance insulation aid for those living in houses with solid external walls, where cavity fill insulation is out of the question, giving you the benefit; of no penetrating damp and increased thermal insulation, so saving on those ever increasing heating bills.

Adrian Son
These benefits resulting in a reduction in moss and alga growth to the external elevation and mould growth to the internal elevations, caused by cold wall surfaces, which are likely to be below ‘dew point’ temperature.

Olympic Construction are full members of the Property Care Association (PCA) RICS regularly recommend PCA members for dampness, timber and structural related defects http://www.rics.org as we also work to the same high standards.

Olympic Construction are also members of Government approved body Trust mark http://www.trustmark.org.uk/



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