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The Timber Survey

It is very important that the type and cause of the fungal decay are correctly identified before any corrective action can be undertaken. It is essential that a detailed diagnostic inspection is carried out by a competent specialist. This inspection should be followed by the submission of a report that details both the cause of the decay and the correct proposed remedial action, incorrect identification or specification can be both costly and inconvenient.

wood insect 1
The fungal decay in the photograph to the left, is wet rot which was misdiagnosed as ‘Dry rot’ by an unqualified contractor/surveyor. His recommendation was a full dry rot treatment by a specialist contractor at a cost of over £6000.00. Our correct recommendation, was the removal of the affected timbers, localised treatment of the timbers left in place till they dried down, and to improve the ventilation within the sub-floor, our cost £1400.00

The trained surveyor should know the correct conditions required for the growth of both wet and dry rot, as they are different.

wood insect 2
He should be able to identify if the timbers, have been affected by wet rot or dry rot, as they are different, and so require different treatments.

He should be able to correctly identify the source of the moisture by undertaking an external and internal inspection of the property, this being a lack of ventilation, leaking pipe or direct contact with damp masonry.

Life Cycle – Wood Boring Insects

Wood worm, but which one, some are harmless and do not require treatment, other can result in extensive and costly damage.

The diagram shows the life cycle of most wood boring insects

wood insect 2

Timber inspection & report with proposed remedial action.

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